Sea salt caramel crepes

Remember this bottle of stove top caramel with pacific sea salt I got from Hot Cakes?

(Hot cakes is the place that had these decadent s’mores bars:

and these bring home and bake in your own oven mason jar organic chocolate lava cakes:

Which are so rich, you need a tall glass of milk (or ice cream :P) to balance the taste. )

I finally opened the bottle of caramel sauce since I had some crepe batter left over from prepping for the women in mathematical science’s potluck (at which I made these:

mushroom and gruyere crepe rolls :D)

and I wanted to make a sea salt caramel and banana crepe.

The caramel sauce was fantastic. Just like toffee.

Thick and luscious and went perfectly with the bananas. Well, not as good as nutella but I guess one could make a nutella and banana crepe and then top it with sea salt caramel sauce! It’s great for drizzling too. The bottle only keeps for 4 months after it’s been opened although I rather doubt we’ll have a problem with that.


One thought on “Sea salt caramel crepes

  1. This all looks so delicious…. (I swear I could actually smell chocolate when I got to the photo of the bake-your-own-lava-cake. That stuff looks Brilliant!)

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