Lunch at Grub

Somehow when I go to Grub it’s always rainy which makes for all these poignant, grey pictures. We went on a weekday afternoon, for which they are open now, but with a reduced menu (compared to the weekend brunch menu for example)

We tried their cream of mushroom soup which was rather meh. No blended mushrooms or anything like that.

And then we decided to try two of their burgers! I think this was a mistake.

We had the deep fried fish burger

and the deep fried chicken burger with kaffir lime mayo. In both cases the breading was much too thick and made one really full (there are buns with the meat, but the breading would have sufficed as far as carbs go). The kaffir lime mayo and the tartar sauce is really quite good but there is too little of it.

The mentaiko fries, which were what I came here for, were really good as usual.

And I liked the mentaiko pasta as well, although the dried shrimp was a little tough/chewy so one spends a lot of time chewing through those instead of getting the al dente bite of the pasta.

Recommendation: I still like this place, but I would rather come for weekend brunch, where they have their oeuf en cocotte (which is amazing), and I’d still always order the mentaiko fries. I’d stay away from their burgers though!


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