Lunch at Fish & Co., Nex, Serangoon

This is one of my guilty pleasures. If not done properly the battered fish comes to your table sopping with oil (but it gets soaked up by the grease paper underneath). I love the melted cheese inside though, and it’s still one of my favourite places for fish and chips

I usually get the New York fish and chips or the Danish one – i.e. either parmesan or mozzarella stuffed in the fish. It’s doused in a delightful garlic lemon butter sauce with parsley.

I got the chocolate milkshake, which was alright I guess but not really worth the calories.

The soup of the day was this terrible fish chowder aka generic cream soup. Skip this. But look how nice their interior decor is – makes me feel like I’m in some seaside town.

I also really like their mussels in garlic butter sauce – the best mussels I think are at the Glass House branch. At any other branch, the mussels have these black organs in them (usually unremoved) but they taste really bad. If you remove them, your mussels will be fine. I think any other restaurant that uses frozen mussels will also have extremely fishy tasting black organs that ought to be removed.
They serve some really nice focaccia with this appetizer though, to sop up all that garlic butter.

I like this place, just wish they had fresher mussels. Like I would probably come back more often if their mussels didn’t smell/taste so off.


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