Lunch at the Wildfin American Grill, Issaquah, WA

We came here for a celebratory bite after driving his cousin to the nearby Sammamish to buy a car. (He got an audi, and it’s really swanky for a car that is as old as our Mazda. Heated seats and everything.)

So it was lunch hour and they had a lunch menu (though I don’t think the prices are that different from the dinner menu, just that they have a soup and sandwich offer for lunch)

We started with the macadamia crusted brie, which is served with sliced bread, sliced apple, grapes, and honey. Also drizzled with a balsamic and honey reduction, and it was fantastic.

So fantastic I took 3 shots of it.

macadamia crusted brie, pulled apart – look at that ooze! It was perfect with the honey, although I daresay they could have provided a better quality local honey, but I’m not going to quibble about that. The macadamia taste is also not really apparent, but we all loved the brie and no one’s complaining.

We tried everything with the little flame symbol (which we presume means that it is recommended by the chef or some such). The fish tacos were one of those, which came in a set of three, perfect for sharing! The fish was well spiced (not quite blackened) but had lots of flavour and was smothered in a bunch of chopped salsa-type veggies. Great tacos! Way better than the ones at Taco Del Mar, which use, get this, fish fingers. More on that in another post. I have nothing much against fish fingers just that when I’m buying food outside I’d prefer purchasing something that I cannot make in my own home with a toaster. We’ve even stopped buying breakfast sandwiches in general since I acquired the Hamilton breakfast sandwich maker (the singular most inessential home appliance you can buy when you have no idea what to spend your money on) sometime last year and it pops out breakfast sandwiches perfectly every time. We were walking in Target the other day and guess what’s more decadent than a breakfast sandwich maker? A breakfast sandwich maker that can prepare TWO breakfast sandwiches at the same time, for twice the price:

Remember that sharing is caring! is their motto.

Anyway, what we really liked in the fish taco dish was the mixed corn salad at the side, which is amazingly smoky. Probably made with liquid smoke, but it’s so creative and delicious, and would be easy to replicate at home if you were the sort of person who bought 3 different cultivars of corn whenever you did your groceries.. i.e. nobody.

We had the crab and prawn open faced sandwich, which was really crabby but also used some herb (maybe tarragon?) that I didn’t really fancy. So I wouldn’t order this again, but I gather most people seem to like it.

We also ordered the prawn mac and cheese in lobster sauce with charred broccolini – I would say the lobster flavour isn’t really that strong but this is really good mac and cheese! Not sure why they don’t use crab sauce since well, lobsters are generally found on the other coast and crabs are aplenty here. The mac and cheese is really good though, had nice hunks of prawn dotted throughout and a great creamy sauce and crust. I think the entree size is kind of large, you can also order it as an appetizer (if you’re alone).


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