Dinner at Tampopo (Takashimaya)

This is the last of the Singapore restaurant posts for a bit. Going through the photos now are pretty torturous, but at least it’s just Japanese food (which I can probably get here) and not like hawker food, which would be even worse.

We ordered an ajitsuke tamago to add on to the crab ramen. It was delicious. I’m glad I can at least make this myself!

Ajitsuke tamago with one bite taken out of it. Look at that ooze. We’ve only had ramen here (in Seattle) once at a restaurant called Boom and they served an onsen tamago with their ramen instead of an ajitsuke tamago. If you have a mega sous vide machine I guess making onsen tamago is easier than ajitsuke.

We tried the wagyu beef and egg croquette as well, and it was magnificent. I would definitely order this again, it was like a beef and egg salad but fried in a mashed potato crust

One of our usual orders, the black pork truffle fried rice. A meal at Tampopo would be incomplete without this.

Just to mix things up we also ordered the baked scallops with mentai mayo and cheese – I would skip this. It wasn’t bad but it also wasn’t the best rendition of mentai mayo anything and the scallops were more like bay scallops rather than the humongous Hokkaido kind.

The crab ramen at the Liang Court branch is slightly better than the one a the Takashimaya branch I think! What is also nice about the Liang Court branch is that one can walk through Fort Canning Park to get to the red line after dinner to work off some of the fats acquired over dinner. Still, a very good seafood broth.


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