Sad dinner from Taco Del Mar

Thursday nights are homework nights.
Which also means LZ goes out to forage for dinner because I am too busy to cook.

Last week we decided to try Taco Del Mar (in an attempt to mix up our eating out schedule which consists of happy hours/middle-class restaurants with cheaper options like takeouts or fast food).

I like mexican, and I like seafood, so Taco Del Mar sounded like a good idea. I’ve never tried it.

It was, to borrow a phrase from Jon Stewart, mexican food “drenched in human misery”

The ground beef taco salad was soggy by the time it got to my house (5 minutes away) – and I’m pretty sure it started out soggy at the store, the cheese was stringy and not at all melty, the worst part I think was the sour cream that actually clumped.

The fish tacos were even more disappointing (if that was possible). They say they use alaskan white fish, which was basically a glorified fish finger which was barely seasoned/spiced. I guess my expectations of a “fish taco” were a little misplaced with Taco Del Mar. I’m also not very sure why they wrap the meat with two tortillas per taco. When they do that in Taco Bell it’s because they put cheese or mashed beans between the two tortillas, but here each taco is just wrapped with two layers. Why?

I’m not sure I would come back. Even Denny’s (which was the original restaurant described to serve up slamwiches drenched in human misery) has a way better taco salad than whatever they serve here.


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