Miso spaghetti

What do you do when King salmon is on sale at your local grocery store? Look at those fats oozing from the layers of salmon.

This recipe was invented by Z’s mum. It’s really simple to throw together, although one does need a lot of veggies. They are all “rustically cut” though so nobody needs to waste time unnecessarily julienning everything.

Miso Spaghetti recipe:

2 Big red onions : cut into chunks
Red, Yellow capsicums : 1 each – cut into blocks or slices
1 Japanese cucumber : sliced
6 to 10 fresh button mushroom : sliced or cut into blocks
Sugar : 2 teaspoons
Miso paste : 4 tablespoons, dissolved in 6 cups of water and stir well
Squeezed lime : 3 tablespoons (or more, if you prefer it sour)
Mint leaves (optional)
Salmon (amount as desired) : sliced and marinated in teriyaki sauce for 20 min. – Toast separately for 5 min.
Angel hair pasta/capellini amount as desired) : Cook separately

1. Cooking the miso broth mixture
a. Stir fry onions till golden brown.
b. Add capsicums, cucumber and mushrooms and sugar. Stir a minute.
c. Add miso water and bring to boil over gentle fire.
d. Once boiled, add lime juice and turn off fire.
2. Place cooked spaghetti on plates.
3. Top each plate with 1 to 2 slices of salmon.
4. Pour the broth mixture into each plate.
5. Add mint leaves.

I used shiromiso (white miso, milder tasting, less fermented) for the broth, which really brings out the flavours of the cucumber. Japanese cucumber is I think the equivalent of English cucumber here – darker green skin, fewer seeds, thinner body. I also added shrimp and asparagus. You can do this with other fish but I think the best combination is when it is prepared with salmon.

And here was the king salmon that was something like 40% off, i.e. $9.42 for this hunk of wild-caught salmon with the skin on.

It tasted just like we were back in Singapore at the dinner table!

Print the recipe for Aunty Yunqin’s Miso Salmon Spaghetti here!


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