Happy Hour at Boom, University Village, Seattle, WA

This has one of the best happy hour menus I’ve seen in Uvillage – they do fusion food, and pretty well at that! Everything we got was really tasty (at crazily affordable prices cause it’s happy hour) and their cocktails weren’t bad either.

I really liked their san choy pau – lettuce wraps with sriracha, fried rice noodles, and cilantro

Here’s the fried pork filling. It’s surprisingly authentic and really similar to the san choy pau I get at Peach Garden (in singapore). They also have bottles of hoisin sauce on the table for your to slather freely on the lettuce before dolloping the meat into it. Hands down the best dish we ordered.

We also had the tonkotsu ramen, which they kindly portioned into two bowls for us with TWO onsen tamagos! Ze really liked it although I thought there was a strange mushroom taste. Kinda chemically and strong. The chashu was not bad though but I wish they would use more normal tasting mushrooms.

This is the first time we’re trying Edamame puree (with lots of kewpie) served with

renkon chips, seaweed chips, cassava chips. Such an innovative dish! We saw it in Blue C Sushi as well but they are essentially chains in the same organization. It’s like an asian dip, and is such a clever way of clearing old edamame. They puree it really smooth so it’s like hummus.

Their gyoza has a crispy thing skin and is charred really beautifully. It doesn’t come with the typical soy vinegar mixture but instead with amazing sesame sauce (that I think might just be better than my regular dumpling vinegar). This is one of the best american-style gyoza I’ve had in the US.

The tempura rock shrimp with sriracha mayonnaise looks really good but was more batter than shrimp. There was such a lot of it we got tired of it easily even though it wasn’t bad at all, just no sustaining power.

I ordered a lemongrass lemonade – Z’s mum makes lemongrass and citrus drinks all the time in Singapore so it was extremely pleasant to have this here – I’m glad someone else realized how great they go together.

Because it’s Happy Hour, and we don’t feel good patronizing restaurants without ordering drinks, ze got their cocktail special which was some orange cocktail with sake. I liked it although I think I’d have preferred it with something other than sake! The fermented rice flavour was really strong!


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