Happy Hour at Mama Melina, University Village

This is the first happy hour restaurant we tried in Uvillage. It starts at 5pm if I’m not wrong and if you’re there for the happy hour, it’s free seating anywhere in the bar area, so you basically snag whatever seats are empty. Otherwise, the maitre’d will seat you in the dining area but you essentially have to leave by the time the dinner menu starts.

The food here is great! And there are lots of options on the happy hour menu that make for a really satisfying dinner.

We got a caesar salad – rather average; I’m still not used to how sour their Caesar dressing is here.

The rock shrimp and dungeness crab mac and cheese was amazing. It has huge chunks of prawn and crab meat soaking in a creamy fontina sauce and was just perfect. The light breading, the al dente rigatoni, and the sprinkle of chervil.. everything was perfect! The portion is also quite large so come with somebody to share.

We tried their margherita pizza which has a really fantastic tomato sauce. The crust may not be the most authentic (also not salty enough) so I didn’t finish it but the tomato and mozzarella combination was pretty divine.

Since we wanted to get a broad perspective of the food here we also ordered the deep fried salt and pepper calamari. At this point you’re probably thinking – How do two people eat so much??? Z has a super high metabolism and I generally don’t finish anything if I don’t feel comfortable finishing it. (We did finish this entire meal though and were stuffed afterward :/). The calamari was really tender although I may prefer a thinner batter on it. They served it with a really spicy chipotle aioli but I like my calamari simple with a squeeze of lemon.


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