Happy Hour at Eureka, University Village

The second happy hour we went to in the UVillage. Not super inspiring, although I generally like Eureka’s burgers.

We ordered the truffle cheese fries – it came in a humongous platter but did not have much truffle taste imo. The cheese they use also has a slightly powdery texture as opposed to a cheez whiz texture :P

The best item we tried from their HH menu was the Puget sound steamers – clams steamed in a white wine and herb broth – very nice! Be sure to sop up all the sauce with the hunk of bread provided. The clams couldn’t be fresher.

Their fried chicken sliders are somewhat different from typical southern fried chicken sandwiches in terms of choice of pickle and bun (as you can see in the picture). Not bad at all, but I thought the carb to protein ratio was a little off- too little chicken and too much biscuit.

We got a garden salad with bleu cheese crumble, dried cranberries and lemon vinaigrette – standard fare I suppose, you can’t go wrong with that.

We also tried the osso buco riblets, which I kind of expected to be more tender/fall apart, but it turned out to be riblets (possibly fried) in buffalo chicken hot sauce. They were really tough and chewy! I would not order this again.

So, as many hits as misses, but there are several other things on the happy hour menu I have not tried. In general I would say I’m not a fan of this restaurant’s cheese anything (be it mac and cheese or cheese fries), because they use the same powdery textured cheese with everything (chevre? I have no idea what it is). It works if you are a fan of that type of cheese, but I happen to think mac and cheese should be made with fontina and other melty cheeses (even velveeta is better).

If you come here for happy hour order the clams!


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