Lunch from Paseo, Fremont, WA

More close-ups from paseo, the Caribbean sandwich place I reviewed while visiting grad schools in the spring.
We’ve been back twice so far and the sandwiches both times have been spectacular.

The trick is to go 10 minutes before opening – I happened to be the first in line that way! There are lots of vulture-like cars circling the little shack around 15 minutes before opening, but I was the only shameless person who just got out of the car and started queuing 10 minutes before they even opened. The smells wafting out were amazing.

We had the scallop sandwich, which is fast becoming one of our favourites with their thick garlic aioli spread. Chunky, huge scallops that keep falling out of the baguette – one just resigns oneself to eating messily and getting sauce all over the table and one’s face.

We also tried the Caribbean melt – ham and cheese and their caribbean slow roasted pulled pork shoulder – it was a little too much meat I think! Now we just order our regular caribbean roast sandwich (I think the second one on the menu) which is similar to this but without the ham and cheese.

Even if we were first in line our order still took something like 10-15 minutes to prepare, so I think if you want to go here be prepared to spend at least 15 mins – 1 hr queuing (depending on whether you reach during the rush hour) and then another 15-30 minutes for your order to be fulfilled.

Do NOT be a douche and go there and order 10 sandwiches for your entire extended family and make everybody else in line wait.


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