Lunch at Chow King, Tukwila, WA

While shopping around Southcenter Parkway when we first arrived in Seattle and were staying at an airport motel, we saw this (what we thought was a) chinese fast food place with like $5.90 beef noodle soup. It looked really quite nice in their pictures so we came back to try it after visiting a church in Beacon Hill one day (It is rather a schlep from the University District).

So Chow King is actually a filipino restaurant that serves roast chicken, noodles, and I think the most popular item here is the halo halo, a kind of ice blended drink with ube ice cream on top and random tapioca jellies.

We had the roasted chicken thigh with ginger garlic soy – the thigh itself was not bad, the rice it was served with was plain white rice, and the sauce was a tub of ginger garlic paste and a tub of soy sauce that you needed to mix yourself. It looks a little sparse without any veggies. It was alright I guess? About food court standard in Singapore.

I saw these beautiful yam colored smoothies and I really loved taro bubble tea in singapore so we decided to try the ube shake. This is where we found out that ube is not taro! They sold both in the Seafood Paradise supermarket and they were markedly different cultivars.

This is what ube looks like:
ube purple yam

And this is what taro looks like:

There’s a world of difference between the two! Ube is a lot more purple and I think the taste is a lot less delicate than taro and rather overwhelming.

We also tried their beef noodle soup with wontons which was msg-filled and really not that tasty/different from instant ramen which you can make yourself at home. Just with real wontons and a ton of napa and chunks of tenderized beef. Which you can ALSO make yourself at home.

I made this bowl of ramen myself at home with ingredients gotten from Seafood City (the next door supermarket) so there’s not that much point having instant ramen in a restaurant (even if it is a fast food restaurant.)

I wouldn’t come back!


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