Lunch at Microsoft

Went to visit his cousin at work one day and we checked out their cafeteria. The food is pretty much like what you would get at any university canteen, just like at UW or like cornell (where the food is actually decent). Soda/milk is free, so you just have to pay for the food. Prices are also comparable to that in universities I think, around $5-9

Ze got a slice of sausage and sweet pepper pizza

and a caprese salad from the italian stall. I got a pad see ew from Tornado Grill, which was magnificent. We didn’t visit enough to try everything in this cafeteria, but it seems like the Thai one is the most well-regarded – it has a long queue and the wonderful smells of stirfrying waft through the entire space so even if you didn’t feel like having thai, you’ll soon envy anyone who got the thai option. Forgot to get a picture of that very commendable pad see ew. We’ve found a great thai place near our apartment too – krua thai, and will post pictures of food from there soon :)


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