Brunch at Portage Bay, Seattle, WA

We made a reservation on Open Table, but the place was absolutely hopping when we arrived and we had to wait for another 10-15 minutes outside for a table to clear up. It was sunny that day, but I don’t imagine it would be very fun waiting outside in the rain. This place is ridiculously popular among the people in the university district.

We had the crushed berry lemonade which was really quite nice.

I tried the crab cake Benedict – there was way too much flour in the crabcake imo. Not something I would come back for, and not enough crabby taste. They do away with the English muffin altogether because of the carb-y crab cake.

The forest mushroom benedict Z ordered was more impressive than the crab cake one – nicely fried beech mushrooms in some kind of herbed cream sauce. But not enough to tempt me to queue here again! The roasted red potatoes are not always cooked all the way through; some were a little hard.

One thing that made attract health nut types to this place is their condiment bar. If you order their french toast or pancakes you get a free trip to the condiment bar to load up on fresh fruit, sauces, preserves, whipped cream, ricotta, and all that sort of sweet stuff to accompany your breakfast. It’s really quite a nice selection.

The only thing I really order at brunch-type places are options that I can’t easily make myself at home. This means no pancakes, no french toast, no omelettes, that sort of thing. We usually go for benedicts, corned beef hash, chicken and waffles, or biscuits and gravy.

I just perfected my dry pancake mix recipe last saturday since I wanted to give Z’s cousin a bottle of pancake mix for his birthday (the kind where you just need to add an egg and water..) My mum’s recipe calls for self raising flour (which I approximated using plain flour, baking powder, and salt), as well as milk. And I found a can of buttermilk powder at the store! Which is of course perfect for making fluffy pancakes. To substitute vanilla essence I used Oetker’s vanilla sugar. Regular vanilla sugar will work too, but it’s a little expensive. I’ll post the recipe up soon!

So I made 5 blueberry pancakes with bacon (for Z and me) for breakfast on saturday since we were staying in on the weekend to do work. They were much better than any pancakes I’ve had in any restaurant, so there will really be no point in ordering pancakes anymore once I’ve made a big batch of powdered pancake mix!


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