Happy Hour at Pair

This is a chic little French restaurant near our place that does Happy Hour. Their happy hour options are pretty good, but a lot of them are carb based and I think their actual dinner entrees are probably better.

Z loved the olives. I don’t like olives, so I don’t know how good these are.

They start you off with a hunk of baguette and some good French butter

I do know however that their gougeres were absolutely smashing. Buttery, cheesy choux puffs with herbs that just melt in your mouth.

One of my favourite things here were their beef brisket sliders with horseradish sauce. Not a big fan of horseradish but I do know it is a big flavour enhancer. The beef brisket was very tender and went pretty nicely with the chopped shallots and sauce.

The salt cod croquettes were very good and so prettily plated. Perhaps a smidge more tartar and it would be perfect.

The mac and cheese was better than average but not mindblowing or anything. I liked the type of pasta they used though

Their flourless chocolate cake with amareno cherries was a little dense. I wasn’t too impressed (am under the impression that french desserts should strive to be light and airy). It’s really heavy and even a little grainy, so make sure you have space (we didn’t really). Point of note: the Palisade flourless chocolate cake is better. If you like dense chocolate cakes (as apparently a lot of people do) this is the cake for you.

The chocolate coffee pot de creme was much lighter and tastier I felt, even if coffee and chocolate is not a new combination, they’ve really optimized it in this dessert!


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