Morsel, U District, Seattle

This is a tiny little hole in the wall on the northern parts of The Ave nearer to Ravenna/Cowen park. It has a really well designed menu and a nice website, and does some really good biscuits. I liked the gravy too but z thinks Frank’s Oyster House does better (a meatier gravy).

This is the chef’s table. It’s a really, really tiny place and seating is extremely limited. I think definitely no more than 20 people. Most people take their sandwiches to go.

They put their salt and pepper shakers in jars of coffee beans which I thought was cute.

I tried the cheddar chive biscuit with sausage gravy – they usually have 2-3 biscuit specials every day and the one today was cheddar chive. It was really nice although I thought the cheddar flavour wasn’t too pronounced under all that gravy. The gravy itself was excellent, lots of spices that made it that much more complex than a gravy that’s just made with sausage and cream. This is one of my favourite gravies in Seattle.

They also do biscuit sandwiches which I think are quite popular. We tried the spanish fly – prosciutto, a fried egg, manchego, and arugula – a great combination of savory things sandwiched with their classic buttermilk biscuit. While the prosciutto was lower grade than prosciutto di parma, it was nice that they even introduced a non-standard breakfast meat (for americans anyway) into their sandwich. I haven’t seen any other prosciutto sandwiches here so far.


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