Five guys

There aren’t any “nearby” Five Guys here, although if we think about it the nearest one is about a 10-15 minute drive away in Ballard/Northgate, which is about the same distance as the Ithaca Five Guys to student housing. So it’s not THAT far away, just that there are many more burger places within walking distance and they don’t have a Drive-Thru :( What’s up with that? I guess the burgers take longer to prepare.

I like the Five Guys burgers because they have so many toppings, especially things like caramelized onions and sauteed mushrooms which aren’t usually “complimentary”. They’re “complimentary” here because I bet they’re built into the price – a mini bacon cheeseburger will run you about $5.49 if I’m not wrong.

The best burger here: mini bacon cheese burger all the way.

I remember Z’s first experience with Five Guys – Chris and I were deciding where to eat after church and she suggested “Let’s go to Five Guys”. Ze had never heard of it before so he asked “which five?” and Chris never got over how clueless we were he was back then haha. She thought it was cute.

We also love their cajun fries, although the best cajun fries I’ve had is still from Louie’s (the food truck opposite Risley), these are pretty good too.

The Five Guys in Issaquah actually has service, by which I mean a guy actually brings your order to you and sides of peanuts and ketchup. It’s amazing. I’ve never seen that at any fast food outlet.


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