Kidd Valley, Seattle, WA

Kidd Valley is one of our favourite burger places here that’s also a <5 min drive from our place and has a really home-y atmosphere.

We like their garlic fries. They’re definitely a little soggy but so good with all the garlic chips. We’ve also tried their fried mushrooms and onion rings, which are tremendous. Basically there isn’t anything that has come out of that kitchen that I didn’t like. The onion ring batter is perfect.

Their chicken sandwich is also perfect – the chicken breast fillet is tenderized, brined and grilled perfectly. It’s no southern chicken sandwich, more like a chicken club, but better.

They do mini burgers (by which they mean not 1/4lb) for people who don’t have a large appetite. I think Z and I usually share a normal sized burger and a mini burger unless we’re really hungry. Their burgers are also pretty good and are freshly prepared (so you have to wait around awhile).

Their chocolate malt is the best I’ve ever had. It’s really thick and creamy and has a perfect amount of malt. It’s probably really fattening though so we try not to get it too often.

It’s not hard to see how Kidd Valley has been around for such a long time. It’s definitely a well-loved Seattle institution, though somehow not as famous as Dick’s Drive-In.


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