Brunch at The Dish, Seattle, WA

This place seems to have pretty rave reviews on Yelp, but we didn’t quite see the charm. The food was alright at best. Or maybe I’m just not a brunch person. They’re really popular as well, and when you arrive you basically add your name to the clipboard they’ve got hanging by the entrance and when your turn is up someone will call you. Otherwise you’re doomed to wait outside in the cold, even if you wouldn’t mind a seat at the bar and the bar is empty.

The scone comes with most of the omelettes or breakfast sets. Can be swapped out for toast.

I ordered a cup of sausage gravy just to try it with the scone and for future reference. It was a tad starchy and rather underwhelming. I certainly wouldn’t want to try their biscuits and gravy!

The tuna melt was actually quite good. I originally ordered philly cheese steak but they were out of roast beef. The potato salad it came with was a lot less inspiring but the tuna salad was pretty amazing.

Z got a pigs in a garden omelet – italian sausage, basil, mozzarella, tomatoes. Think it would go much better with cremini mushrooms than the italian sausage. You know how when you bite into a chocolate chip cookie and it turns out the chocolate chips are raisins and you feel humongous disappointment? It’s like this, only what you think are nicely sauteed bits of mushroom caps are actually sausage pieces.

I might come back to try their roast beef sandwich with au jus, but probably not the omelettes.


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