Lunch at Jewel of India, University Way

We got a coupon for this place in the local money mailer – a grand old american tradition we never got to experience at cornell was coupon clipping :P It’s actually a lot of fun to see what discounts they’ve got in there. Usually none of them interest us, like Grease Monkey, or discounted carpet cleaning or air vent cleaning or a paint job etc. So we only keep the restaurant ones, and I didn’t really believe they would work (they were such flimsy coupons that looked like a hoax and we’d never used them before) but we used them to get $1 off the $7.99 lunch buffet at this place which was nice.

They had tandoori chicken, butter chicken and stewed cabbage in the buffet selection, which consisted of about 10 hot dishes and some yoghurt/fruit salads.

They give each table a basket of complimentary naan during the lunch buffet. It’s just plain naan, but it was pretty good.

One of the desserts out that day was the gulab jamun. I went online to look up what it was and found out it was something like curdled milk matter/whey that they ball up and fry. Yikes. Z liked it and said it tasted like cake. I tried a little bit and all I could think of was how it was scraped up milk residue.

The tandoori chicken is not bad, but they don’t replenish it terribly quickly. We arrived inbetween services where there were only a few sad pieces left and had to sit around for about 40 minutes before a new batch came out. I think some people literally dropped in and left without getting any. When fresh it’s really pretty good – glistening with oil from the tandoor and really tender.

This is place is pretty average and I can’t really tell how good it is until I’ve tried all the many other Indian options near here. There’s Taste of India on Roosevelt which I’ve tried and is not bad but their butter masala is a little weak.


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