Palisade, Seattle, WA

I brought Z here for his birthday. It restaurant is really romantic since it’s by the dock and you can basically see the Seattle skyline while eating, but that also means that the drive in looks ridiculously shady. Driving in felt like I was a mafioso bringing my victim out to the docks to murder him and then to dispose the corpse in the water. I blame it on winter and daylight savings. Why anybody would want it to get dark at 5pm is beyond me. Why don’t people in America just admit that they’ve got their timezones all wrong and actually UTC -8 should be UTC -7 is beyond me.

We got the burrata salad just to see how burratas here compared. The burrata was tasted like it was made in America (i.e. meh), and the salad dressing totally overpowered any flavour notes from the burrata. I have no idea why they serve it with such a sour vinaigrette. I miss the burrata at Pietrasanta which was from Puglia and just perfect in every way.

The crab and lobster bisque with tobiko was pretty stunning though. I liked it a lot and it was part of the restaurant week menu.

Also part of the restaurant week set, the hanger steak, liberally salted, with onion straws over creamed corn. I really liked this steak, especially how well it went with their house sauce and also the chimichurri. This was a steak that was actually salted enough.

The star of the meal was however the seafood cedar trio with seared scallops

the freshest salmon we’ve ever had

and prawns. Well let’s just say the scallops and salmon were more amazing. The salmon was perfectly seared?/poached? I can’t tell cause it was so damn tender.

We had their spiced banana sundae and also a flourless chocolate cake for dessert which was so rich and creamy it was like an extremely heavy mousse. Think I’m not much of a fan of flourless chocolate cakes – they are too heavy an end to meals here. The best flourless chocolate cake (and also the first) I’ve ever had was at Banfi’s during a chimes dinner in my freshman year (when I got inducted) where they managed to make it airily light precisely because it had no flour. After that I looked up a nice flourless chocolate cake recipe online and borrowed the springform pans and made it for Tiffany’s birthday. In the Risley kitchen. People on the west coast seem to have a different idea about what flourless chocolate cakes are like :/

All in all, 5 stars for their entrees, maybe 4 stars for the appetizers, and 3 stars for the desserts. I still really like this place and would definitely come back. They were sweet about sprinkling rose petals on the table because we were celebrating a birthday, but took forever to seat us/prepare that. Lots of people who arrived later than us got seated before us and it felt like we were being discriminated against, which is a pretty awful feeling to start dinner with. If you are going to seat me 10 minutes after my party is complete, you should say so, instead of saying “we’ll seat you right when your party has arrived”. And if I hang around the hostess’ stand looking pissed off because it’s been 10 minutes since you promised to seat us “in a moment” you should at least offer an apology or an explanation. Isn’t the point of making a reservation so one doesn’t have to wait for a seat to be found for them? If I wanted to slouch around your lobby for 15 minutes waiting for a seat I could have just eaten in my school cafeteria.

And then they got our check mixed up with another table’s, which is an honest mistake but seriously, you can’t check before hand? The check we got was for FOUR restaurant week sets, and there are TWO people sitting at my table. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to check those figures.

Coming from Singapore where we don’t tip anybody and we expect totally shitty service (just because I think it’s like a national thing to be both rude and compassionate at the same time, to be passive aggressive in circumstances of your choice), I usually close one eye to bad service here because usually anything we get here is ten times better than the surly mugs of the waitstaff in many restaurants in singapore. But as you can see from the review, it doesn’t matter much how amazing the food is when all I remember is how we were treated like crap and how unprofessional the waitstaff were. (Well I do remember the perfectly seared scallops… but still!)

In an ideal situation the waitstaff would be eliminated altogether and I would just pick up my entrees myself from the chef’s station when a beeper goes off. Win-win. I seat myself, immediately; I serve myself, immediately; I get my own check, immediately. Then I wouldn’t be here typing a 3 paragraph rant just to attain catharsis.


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