Din Tai Fung, UVillage, Seattle

We finally got an xlb craving and decided to try the DTF in UVillage. The weather is getting colder which means I’ll probably patronize this place a little bit more.

They have xiao cai here! It’s not spicy/sour enough though, we had to add our own chilli oil and also a little bit of vinegar. The xiao cai here is more salty than pickled/spicy, but all the key ingredients are there – tofu, seaweed, tung hoon, just needs more red chili slivers.

Their ginger looks like it was julienned by a home cook :/ It certainly looks nothing like this in Singapore, where the plate of ginger looks more like a little dish of perfectly combed noodles. It’s really messy here :/ Would prefer it to be less coarse but I guess I shouldn’t be picky about ginger.

The gan ban mian here has roughly the same sauce but is served with pork and pickled mustard greens. Which they should do away with, only that americans don’t seem to eat noodles as is (it would probably be difficult to sell the gan ban mian we have in singapore here), just with the special sauce. I liked it, but would much prefer it straight up without the greens.

Xiao long baos. No point queueing here for just 6 baos, always 10 at a go. They also have the pork chop fried rice, which I’m interested to try the next time we come back :) Actually I realize that the queue here is shorter than the one at J8 haha so it’s really not that bad if you go at off peak hours. We usually get here around 2.30pm for a late afternoon tea after classes and then have a light dinner.


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