SRW at Ocho, Ballard, WA

Came here for restaurant week because their restaurant week menu sounded pretty good.
The portions were microscopic and not even in a fine-dining-microscopic way, just in a stingy-microscopic way haha. And the restaurant week menu wasn’t even really very inventive, just a mash up of their existing tapas menu. The menu they posted on the restaurant week site was also inaccurate; they offered a seared scallops entree on the SRW site but when we reached they printed some horrid vegetable gratin thing on the actual menu. Liars.

We had the gambas al ajillo – not bad, but I think I could make better at home. There wasn’t enough ‘wok hei’, if you can call it that for tapas.

Their paella dumplings were glorified wontons filled with rice that certainly didn’t taste like paella. The broth they were served in were also really lacklustre. I think they should leave dumplings to chinese people. The skin was way too thick and I honestly didn’t get the carb wrapped in carb concept.

The deviled HALF-egg with cayenne, capers, and ikura was really quite nice.

prosciutto (why not iberico ham?) and a soft cooked egg on toast. Not bad. The toast bread is pretty lacklustre though and isn’t that different from sliced white.

The egg frittata – meh.

Gratinated lobster mushrooms – quite good actually but very single dimensional tomato sauce.

The grilled scallops were amazing, I would come back just for this! They’re one of the most expensive things on the menu though, and take forever to prepare (it came last, significantly later than everything else… which is weird. When I grill scallops at home they’re done really quickly)

Toast with chocolate, truffle oil, and sea salt – really interesting combination that I would be really interested in recreating myself at home.

They don’t admit you if you don’t have ID proving that you’re under 21, and they do have a tapas happy hour from 5-6pm if I’m not wrong. While the food is alright the portions are really (really) small and the tapas is far from authentic. So I’m not sure if I’ll come back here.


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