Take out from Krua Thai

This is a little thai chain which has two outlets – one in ravenna and one in queen anne. The ravenna one is about a 5 minutes drive from our place but they do deliver to quite a wide radius in the Udistrict.

I really like their pad see ew because they fry it with these salted soy beans that do so much for the sweet-salty-smoky flavour of pad see ew. Their pad see ew also has a really good wok hei.

Their appetizer sampler consists of satay, fried prawn rolls, crab rangoons, and spring rolls. I like the crab rangoons best.

Crab rangoons are deep fried wontons filled with cream cheese and (usually artificial) crab meat. When I first had it as an undergrad I was pretty grossed out by the combination – it’s considered American Chinese food and well, nobody uses cream cheese in their Chinese cooking in China -.- I’ve grown to like it since and even voluntarily order it now! When we were transiting in the O’Hare airport earlier this year for our grad school visits it was the first thing I ate upon setting foot in the US for two years and it brought back such great memories of undergrad takeouts haha.

chicken satay. Z liked this and thought it was well-marinated. I thought it was not v. authentic. It just doesn’t use the same herbs as Thai satay grillers (or singaporean satay grillers), probably cause things like lemongrass, turmeric, and galangal are much more expensive here and possibly impossible to get fresh. They also use breast meat -.-

tomyum soup with lots of weird mushrooms floating on top. Ridiculously expensive for something that should just be a “side” but we ate this over two meals! The tom yum soup is pretty spicy for spice level 2-3, especially when piping hot. It doesn’t have that much dimension though, I don’t think they use very many herbs.

All in all, one of my favourite places around for convenient thai (it’s not that cheap imo)


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