Dinner at Nishino

I booked this restuarant on the Friday night after our midterms to celebrate the (successful or not) completion of our first exams in more than 2 years!

We tried the grilled squid, which I think was kind of over grilled despite (or because of) the pretty good charring.

Their miso soup with soy sauce butter clams is like a combination of miso soup and sushi tei’s asari butter clams, which I don’t need to tell you are freaking amazing together. I loved this. It seems that a lot of japanese restaurants in seattle serve their miso soup with clams, which steps it up from random side dish to a hearty jigae style stew.

Their tamago sushi. Really good. I’m still struggling to perfect my recipe after purchasing my tamagoyaki pan. Right now I think the proportions I like are – 1/4 cup dashi, 1 tbsp mirin, 1 tbsp sugar, 1 tsp soy, 4 eggs.

Their dungeness crab and mushroom dynamite – really similar to the regular dynamite at kyushu in Ithaca! I’ve found that the key components of the dynamite are mentai and cream cheese. It’s really amazing. They do one with geoduck and scallops too. Looks like the dynamite is an iconic dish in American Japanese restaurants? Like how tempura banana with ice cream is an iconic American Japanese dessert.

The chicken yakitori was not tender at all, although charred. I don’t like how they use breast meat for this, nor how it doesn’t seem to have been brined at all.

The matcha tiramisu was imported from another Japanese patisserie (I didn’t manage to catch the name) in the area. The mascarpone was weirdly aerated and I don’t think they used a zabaglione at all. Still, very creamy and very light, quintessentially Japanese. Not bad.

I really liked the food here (although the grilled items probably can be improved – they probably need a hotter, more legit grill.. Most yakitori items in Singapore take at least 30 mins to prepare the charcoal etc. but these skewers came out really quickly) and didn’t think we had a very representative sampling because Z didn’t order any sashimi! Which is what they are supposedly really good for. We went here on Halloween itself and all the staff (sushi chefs, waitstaff, host) were dressed in costume. The sashimi chef had opted to be Mr Uni, which meant that he had on some super large black papier mache shell with black spikes sticking out and made it really difficult for him to manoeuvre around the kitchen (considering he was not a small guy to begin with). They had a costume contest where we all had to vote for who we thought was the best dressed; we had a lot of fun trying to decide who was who. I voted for the adorable haraboji manning the sushi bar in a sailor costume.


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