Dinner at the Melting Pot

In short: Expensive and not great

They do a four-course menu (and sort of sell that to you) – I mean generally if you’re at the Melting Pot you’re craving fondue – cheese fondue for starters, meat fondue for mains, and chocolate fondue for dessert, so one is usually expected to order about 3 courses. Everything took really long to prepare, we were here for a good 2++ hours when I had homework waiting for me at home. Was really disgruntled about that.

Their alpine cheese fondue, which we got a double portion of, was not really legit. They used a mix of gruyere, fontina, and emmental and then put in some dry white wine, garlic, and salt. No kirsch. and I’m willing to bet that their “swiss” cheeses were all manufactured in America. And that there was way more fontina than gruyere/emmental. In any case, I’m not the sort to buy into gimmicky things like their “making the fondue in front of me” etc. Just bring the damn pot, ready, to my table, I don’t have 15 minutes to sit around watching you stir everything up.

Here are some bread chunks for dipping into the cheese. The rye was really not my cup of tea (nor was it authentic). I suppose this place carries “American” cheese fondue rather than Swiss cheese fondue. The lighting was so bad we could barely see anything, although the place is structured like a large barn which was interesting I guess, if you’re the sort who likes dining in large barns.

The caprese salad, too much balsamic dressing, and again, American mozzarella, which had not much flavour to speak of so the fact that the overly strong/syrupy balsamic dressing drowned out the flavour of the vegetables and cheese it was coating was no great loss. I will never understand why restaurants here won’t just let a nice hunk of cheese shine for itself and feel the need to “dress” them. Probably cause they don’t serve nice hunks of cheese.

The deluxe meat fondue platter with shrimp, a lobster tail, filet mignon, chicken breast. The lobster was really good. Everything else pretty much tasted like boiled meat, i.e. disgusting. We ordered the cajun mojo broth but it didn’t do much to flavour everything. Skip the meat fondue section, which is really similar and more expensive than chinese steamboat/hotpot, and you don’t even get to drink the broth.

S’mores fondue with strawberries, bananas, blondies, brownies – this was pretty cool I’ll admit. They sort of poured the graham crackers in the chocolate fondue and flambeed them in brandy or something (maybe it was the other way around, flambeed graham crackers don’t sound like they’d be awfully tasty). The blondies/brownies were too sweet though the chocolate fondue was alright.

If you are craving cheese/chocolate fondue, come for the happy hour and sit at the bar where you can get $5 cheese/chocolate fondues. Otherwise this place is just overpriced with not that great food.


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