Brunch at Ray’s Cafe

We REALLY like this place. Came here after one beautiful morning when we decided to romp at Golden Gardens Beach (and found a jellyfish!) and thought this place would be perfect for lunch. I was craving crab cakes and I know they had ’em.

Their warmed rolls with butter are really delicious. Not your ordinary table butter, I have no idea where this is sourced from but we basically finished all those little globules that they served the rolls with. We had a second helping of the bread too to mop up the broth from our

Steamed manila clams with garlic and white wine. These are the best clams I’ve had in Seattle so far, and we’ve eaten a ton of clams from The walrus and the carpenter, Eureka, Ivar’s.. actually Ivar’s Acres of Clams also does a pretty good job. But this was really amazing, you can’t help but finish the broth. The serving is kind of large though, so it would be good to get this for 2 or more people.

The warmed brie platter with candied walnuts, honey, and water crackers was delectable as well, which featured an extremely good, melty wodge of brie on a bed of honey. You have to eat this first when it comes so the brie stays melty, besides you don’t want to overwhelm its taste with the clams.

Their clam chowder drizzled with olive oil was also outstanding, with no stale tastes of old bacon or old clams, nor was it too starchy or floury. Very fresh and those beautiful green olive oil droplets really up the ante here.

Their crab cakes with sweet potato fries and chipotle aioli were also amazing, but I thought the sweet potato fries were nicer than the crab cakes. Haha. Just my opinion. The amazingness of everything else sorta steals the thunder of the crab cakes :P

Well it’s not often I find a restaurant in which I like everything (restaurants that we really, really like get a purple flag on our restaurant map, and so far we have
Frank’s Oyster House
– Ray’s Cafe
– How to Cook a Wolf
Paseo (of course)

as restaurants we would be really happy visiting 2-3 times.


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