Dinner at Patxi’s Pizza, Ballard

This is a really great deep dish pizza place in Ballard that also does thin crust pizzas, but I’m told that if you like the thin crust variety Delancey’s does a better job. I like Patxi’s though for 3 reasons:
1. They don’t have a line (despite the pretty great pizzas)
2. D’Ambrosio gelato is just down the road, literally 10 steps away
3. They do a really good deep dish crust that’s flaky and savory and sweet, I actually LIKE eating the crust. Which I can’t honestly say for any other pizza, except perhaps those in Italy. They’re not “Italian” by any means, especially since the deep dish pizza is a great American invention. Delfino’s attempt at the flaky crust is commendable but Patxi’s is better.

Since it’s just the two of us dining, we felt uncomfortable ordering a thin crust pizza to start and a deep dish pizza to end (as is customary here), so we started with a burrata drizzled with pesto over the best tomatoes I’ve eaten all year. I have no idea where they source these babies from but they were packed with flavour.

They came with a beautifully crisp and buttery focaccia that you sort of cut the burrata and eat it over. The focaccia was fresh out of the oven and would give the focaccias we’ve had in Italy a run for their money. They’re completely different types of bread (the italian one being slightly greasier, usually eaten cold from a deli, and very salty) but I like both equally.

We got the Patxi’s favourite pizza with olives switched out for onions (I don’t like olives. Don’t judge me). It’s so drenched in sauce they have to put little slivers of each ingredient – one pepperono and one slice of red onion on top so the server will know which table the pizza belongs to.

They don’t do dessert but that’s a plus for you because after dinner you can head to Gelato D’ambrosio just down the street for a really legit Italian gelato

Gelato D’ambrosio closes at 10pm.

We’ll definitely be back the next time a deep dish pizza craving hits! (These are called stuffed crust pizzas in Delfino’s)


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