Dinner at Famous Dave’s, Southcenter Pkwy, Tukwila

This was my first time in Famous Dave’s. The only other American BBQ restaurant I’ve been to is Dino BBQ in Syracuse, which I think was slightly better than this. The sauces are generally a little too cloying/sweet. There was a ridiculously long queue at 8pm on a weekend night, but we eventually got seated about 15 minutes after we arrived.

They have a pretty nice interior with light bulbs strung from the ceiling.

They serve the best onion straws I’ve had in the states yet. They don’t sell it as a side, just as an appetizer (i.e. more expensive and sends the subliminal message that these are better than their other sides, which I fully agree with), and it comes with this amazing chipotle mayo/aioli sauce that goes perfectly with the onion straws.

We shared one of their trash can lids with beef brisket tips, chicken wings, a half rack of ribs, and opted for the mac & cheese and pineapple steak sides. The pineapple steaks were pretty worth it – they were well glazed and charred, but the mac and cheese was noticeably lacklustre and had way too much starch. We didn’t finish it.

close up of the ribs – the ribs were alright, but a little tough (which you can kind of observe from the very clean cut between each rib) Nobody here seems to pressure cook or braise, the flavour did go pretty much all the way through but I don’t really fancy gnawing meat off the bone. I find that if I bake my ribs on low heat (maybe 325°F) for 3 hours they will fall off the bone after that. Restaurants like these probably don’t have the time to prep their meat in such a time-consuming manner though. I would definitely skip the wings next time, they weren’t really fresh nor crispy (unlike say the onion straws). The bits I liked best were the beef brisket tips, which were really beautifully charred (with greater surface area, since they chop it up into tiny cubes!) – definitely worth trying.

We got a 10% discount cause they moved us to a booth accommodate a larger party. The food here is alright, hardly anything that would induce me to make the 30 minute trek southside for; I guess I would like it better if I felt like my food was being freshly prepared in a less “establishment-y” chain restaurant where many things are probably ready made and warmed in pouches.


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