Dinner from Delfino’s Pizza, UVillage

Decided to try the deep dish pizza near my place in the University Village that got a 4.1 stars on Google reviews. It’s a little pricier than Patxi’s, that does the same thing, and I felt not as good.

We ordered a pepperoni, onion, pepper, and sausage pizza.

The first bite was magnificent – very fresh ingredients and oozy cheese. Patxi’s pizza was a little heavy handed on the tomato sauce above the stuffed crust but this one was alright.

Cross section.

I thought they had too much sausage though. Not really a problem with a restaurant, just that I don’t like sausage that much so I prefer more vegetables dotted with little morsels of sausage.

The crust attempts to be flaky like Patxi’s, but the bottom layer is just doughy and thick and not that enjoyable. Still, it does a pretty good stuffed pizza and would definitely satisfy any deep dish cravings one may have.


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