Dinner at Stars in the Sky, Edmonds, WA

We were up at the Landmark Crest Cinema in Shoreline to catch the Boxtrolls (certainly wouldn’t pay >$4 for that movie! I think I’ve completely outgrown kids’ movies now..) and this place which we knew had korean fried chicken was just a 10 minute drive away so we decided to check it out.

we ordered a side of fries fried in the same oil as the chicken so they were really fragrant, like the sort of fries carried by western stalls in hawker centers.

We got the Korean fried chicken in sweet and spicy glaze – they didn’t really allow for mixing of flavours unless you got an entire portion of fried chicken. We got a half portion and it was already humongous. The simply fried chicken with no sauce also looked pretty amazing. It’s not as legit as say 4-fingers where they double-fry the chicken and all the fat has rendered – the skin/batter here is a little thicker and sweeter rather than spicy, but still quite good. I would like to try their ginger sesame chicken one day. They let you have a karaoke room if you order > $35 of food on Mondays to Thursdays if I’m not wrong.

I got the Korean steamed egg with lots of red pepper flakes just because it’s something I miss from Koko, the korean restaurant in Ctown at cornell. It actually doesn’t have much flavour (chinese steamed egg is nicer) but it’s a really hearty, stomach-warming sort of dish when it’s cold out.

Their mozzarella corn in a skillet seems to be the popular dish here! We loved it. And it seems really american for a korean restaurant too. I think every other table at the restaurant also ordered this dish – there’s something about sweet corn kernels stuck in a stringy mozzarella grid that nobody can resist.

I really liked this place. It’s a homey little hole in the wall in a quiet neighborhood that does really nice korean pub food. You feel a strange affinity with all the other customers just because you all stumbled into the same gem of a restaurant, and that’s what bars are meant to do aren’t they? Make you feel just that little bit less alone.


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