Lunch at Marla Thai, UDistrict

We had this after hiking at the university waterfront trail, which really doesn’t have that much to see save for a few frozen over ponds. We did manage to catch a family of raccoons traipsing across the ice to the other side though, which was a treat. There isn’t really a lot going on in this part of the Udistrict although there are several restaurants around the area like Jak’s Grill and Ciao.

Each of the lunch sets come with a small starter salad, just a few stray pieces of lettuce and tomato really.

I got the deep fried cod in tamarind sauce – a battered piece of frozen cod that is deep fried and then doused in a slightly sour, slightly slightly spicy sauce. Not really great since the fish was not fresh but it was certainly hearty and at this price point (think it was $11 or $12) I’m not complaining.

I liked the cashew chicken more, which tastes just like what you would expect cashew chicken to taste like. It went really well with the perfectly steamed jasmine rice and was just sweet enough without being cloying. Overall I think they are a wee bit pricey for a lunch set which has smaller portions but the quality is not bad. The lunch portions at Krua Thai are smaller for example, so this is actually decent for this area.


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