Brunch at Frank’s Oyster House

Second time at our to-go place for brunch when we’re craving fried chicken and waffles :D

This time we tried their beef brisket hash with poached eggs and jus – it was great, though I thought the jus was a little bit salty, I suppose that’s what the bread and poached eggs are for. The eggs were perfectly poached, and they were very generous with the brisket.

Their bruleed grapefruit is great as usual, and I’m of a mind to try it myself at home soon. Grapefruit is pretty expensive nowadays though, I bought a 1 pounder for $1.99 the other day at QFC.

Of course we have to order their Fried chicken and waffles. We usually have brunch for lunch, so the portions here always make one wish they had an extra appetizer or two we could order. Most everything on their brunch menu is about this size, which would not do as an appetizer…. or would it? :P


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