Dinner at Facing East, Bellevue

Ate here after catching Interstellar at the Lincoln Square cinema. Yay for being a student and still shamelessly exploiting student discounts. Tbh I think ‘grad students’ are typically as poor as if not poorer than undergrads.. but only relative to their other post-graduate, non-grad student friends :P

The Taiwanese five-spice fried chicken was quite good although I thought the 5-spice could be more potent and more… fermented. Shihlin’s chicken is still better (and spicier) than this.

The sweet and sour pork was alright, a little bit too sweet but I guess that’s what Americans like.

I really liked the Radish fried rice. Earlier in the day we bumped into this random Chinese dude in Bellevue Square who told us he always goes to Facing East to eat and he always orders the radish fried rice so I decided to try it. It’s basically fried rice with egg and chye poh (preserved radish) and it’s full of umami! Loved it.

The dish I liked best was the braised egg tofu with snap peas and shiitake. They even bothered to deep fry the tofu to give it that nice brown skin. actually I have no idea how restaurants do this quickly and efficiently – I have tried browning egg tofu myself at home many times and it always ends in tears – tofu tends to spatter a LOT especially since it’s so moist. And it doesn’t brown evenly unless you use a lot of oil. Maybe they have a bulk supplier of pre-fried egg tofu disks.

I’m definitely coming back here! There’s a bunch of other interesting chinese food to try in Bellevue though, like Doughzone dumpling house.

p.s. We tried the ‘oyster omelette’ but the omelette part of it had way too much sweet potato flour and was rather gluey. It was also doused in the most uninspiring sauce, so I would recommend leaving that out of the order! The drinks here are really good, especially the taro smoothie which is super rich and has actual chunks of taro (not fake taro powder) floating about in it, like a cold orh nee.


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