Dinner Take Out from Pinkaew

Another of the Thai places around us that I perpetually send Z out to collect take-out from. In general I think their food is not bad but I prefer Krua Thai.

We tried their trout in spicy sauce (or 3 spice sauce or whatever it’s called) which was not that spicy and really more on the sweet side. It’s a huge fish, very fresh and very tender/flaky, perfectly done really, but the sauce doesn’t really sustain interest throughout the meal. z and I went halfsies as usual but I could barely finish my half. Perhaps if it were more of a dip than a drowned in sauce type of situation it wouldn’t be too bad.

I hated the Pad Kee Mao (drunken noodles), but maybe I just don’t like pad kee mao. It didn’t really taste drunken, but it had a weird… pneumatic taste. I’m told it doesn’t always taste like that. Well that’s the price of being adventurous I guess!

The crab rangoons were alright and had marginally more filling than Krua Thai’s, but not as nice a skin.


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