Dinner Take-out from Yoroshiku

We called in to this place to order take-out when I was craving ramen one night. Ramen isn’t exactly very take-out-able, but they did a good job separating the noodles and the hot soup). We also called in because while you can order from them via Eat24, the full dinner menu isn’t on Eat24 and I had an inkling that if I called in they would be able to get me exactly what I wanted.

I got the Miso ramen with an ajitsuke tamago. It was heavenly – the broth is super rich and the egg is perfect (although it could be more marinated), it was completely soft on the inside. They even served it with saffron threads. It was ridiculously good for a take-out. I’ll definitely have to try it in the restaurant!

We also got a shoyu tsukemen, and I thought the tsukemen broth was a little too salty but Z loved it. It was like an even richer, more condensed version of their regular ramen broth – I wonder how long they simmer this for.

The thing that couldn’t ordered via eat24 was the zangi, which I could smell the minute he got home. Zangi is battered and fried chicken, like karaage but better. It’s usually served with lemon and some tartar/egg salad dressing. Their zangi was amazing but would be better fresh, as can be expected. Still, not enough to motivate me to get out of my pyjamas. Cold zangi is better than no zangi.

Another thing not on the eat24 menu is their matcha tiramisu, which was not really photogenic by the time it got home but pretty light and creamy. I preferred it to the one at Nishino, but probably wouldn’t order it again. I wish Japanese restaurants here did stronger tasting matcha desserts.


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