Lunch at Pike Place Chowder House

This place is a long time Seattle institution tucked away in a little corner in Post Alley with extremely limited seating. The turnover is very fast though, so I think one can usually find a seat. They also claim to deliver via Amazonfresh. I haven’t verified that yet but it seems like a brilliant idea, considering how popular they are. They are the only place in that building with a queue, and there are quite a few other food establishments there.

We ordered a full dungeness crab roll – I thought it wasn’t really amazing. It costs about $16.95 if I’m not wrong and there is plenty of filler in the dungeness crab salad. They used real crab but there was a lot of other stuff in there with that which diluted the taste. Duke’s Chowder House’s dungeness crab unwich for example is a pretty good example of a crab salad that all crab salads should be – chock full of crab shreds (say 80-90%) and super tasty. The main taste is crab and nothing else. That’s not the case for this. Worth a try, but you may be disappointed.

Rather than the crab sandwich, most people come here for the chowders, of course. We tried a cup of the seafood bisque, which is full of prawns, crab, at least two different kinds of fish, and tasted super rich and amazing. Like a lobster bisque but better. This was definitely one of the best bisques I’ve ever had, possibly even better than the New England Clam Chowder that is their main seller.

The New England clam chowder was also extremely good. They’ve got about 6 different flavours of chowder, including a house chowder that changes now and then I think. All of them look extremely appetizing and the two we tried were fantastic. Most people seem to order the bread bowl portion of the chowder but I feel like that has too much carbs. All cups of chowder are served with a small slice of bread. They have a 4-flavour chowder sampler (you choose which 4 you want to sample) but the samples come in 5oz cups and it really makes more sense to just get the 8oz cup to feel satisfied and to get the best bang for your buck.


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