Dinner at Tavolata

From here on out, all the pictures will be linked to my flickr account so as not to violate flickr community rules! I also only recently figured out how to grab the html embedding code, yes I’m slow. But hopefully there will be no/fewer broken pictures on this blog! You can pretty much ignore all posts before 2013 when I v. stupidly used to host my pics from FB. FB photo urls change all the time, so that was really dumb of me.

Anyway. Today’s post will be on another Ethan Stowell Restaurant, Tavolata! We came here to celebrate the end of finals (of fall quarter), and in one day winter quarter will commence so you can see the relative time lag between when we eat in a restaurant and when the post goes up on this blog. After finals last December we hardly ever went out because I was down with a really bad flu, so the subsequent posts after this will be on the restaurants we ate at in Alaska when we were there last week to shoot the aurora borealis.

I ordered for the both of us since Z was parking the car. This is quite a common phenomenon so waitresses always look at me pityingly and hope that I will not be stood up :P I guess he *could* meet a girl while parking and go running off with her. Hahaha

We started with the Burrata with pear agrodolce, water crackers and prosciutto. This is officially my favourite way to eat burrata. Move aside San Marzano tomatoes, rocket, and prosciutto, burrata should always be eaten with agrodolce pear and water crackers! And the freshest almonds ever. It was so amazing. You had to cut everything up into small pieces and try to squeeze everything onto a tiny sliver of water cracker and then let the flavours explode in your mouth. Seattle restaurants are extremely fond of pairing their food with agrodolce, and it works.

Then we had the braised beef cheek strozzapreti, where the strozzapreti was fatta in casa. The sauce was really rich and flavourful, with tender chunks of beef cheek falling apart. I found the pasta a little too thick though, and would not make my strozzapreti that way.

We ordered a side of grilled Brussels sprout primarily because when the waitress came around to take our order, we could smell the amazing aroma of charred brussels sprouts wafting to our table from their open concept kitchen and so we immediately added it to our order (fatties have a lot of initiative). They did not disappoint! The sprouts were served in a little cast iron gratin dish drizzled with oil and pine nuts. What a fantastic idea!

The star of the show was the ricotta ravioli in brown butter and sage sauce. The nuttiness of the brown butter really shone in the dish, and made the sliced pumpkin? extremely sweet. Loved it.

They didn’t have the chocolate terrine at this restaurant, so I tried the chocolate malt pudding which was very rich, a little too much for my liking.

I liked the lemon scented zeppole with chocolate sauce much better – who would’ve thought lemon and chocolate went so well together? Well they did. Maybe not lemon curd, but just a lightly scented deep fried lemon cake puff, which is exactly what zeppole are – Italian donut holes. The chocolate sauce was a little disappointing though, I don’t think they made it in house. Could’ve used a better quality chocolate but still all in all, a really satisfying dessert. Can’t wait to try the rest of his restaurants!


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