Lunch at Lucky Wishbone, Anchorage, AK

This is an Anchorage institution specializing in pan-fried chicken. They’ve got something like 4.5/5 stars on Google reviews. We went and tried quite a few things on their menu but I think I’d only give it 3.5/5. The most outstanding thing here were the malts.

Here’s the restaurant interior – very old school, diner-ish charm.

And here’s my nutella malt. They’ve got a lot of other flavours which you can mix and match and maltify.

The pop set is a 5 pc fried chicken set with fries or coleslaw and a corn muffin. The fried chicken was pretty good! The batter was well seasoned but the chicken itself was not. You can opt for all dark meat or all white meat, and of course we took the dark meat option. This is good for one big eater.

We also shared the bacon swiss burger – I would recommend going for the 1/4lb burger (I think it’s called the Jumbo Bacon Swiss), which is a lot more substantial. This was almost like a kid-sized burger.

Their onion rings were alright, but the batter was kind of crumbly. I prefer a batter that’s more liquid compared to a panko breading.

The most disappointing thing we ordered was the Halibut sandwich. The fish was not tasty and had a rather strange texture. the tartar sauce didn’t make it more flavourful or anything, and it got progressively worse the colder it got, more so than anything else that got cold.

We got a cup of chilli with cheddar and onions to dunk the onion rings in. This was quite good.

I also liked the grilled ham and cheese with a pickle, but grilled cheeses are pretty much the same anywhere no?

The coleslaw was a little strange, more like a fruit salad than the coleslaw at KFC that everybody knows and loves. This was a little more sour than sweet. I’d go for the fries next time.

I’m not sure why their burgers don’t seem to come with fries at all. So we didn’t have a single fry with any of our burgers!

A little underwhelming, I’ve got to say. But I do really like their shakes and their fried chicken. It always draws a crowd, so the atmosphere here is also really nice since it’s full of locals you’d always feel like you’ve made the right decision to eat here. All of this plus tip also came up to $60, which seems a little pricey.


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