Dinner at Seoul Gate, Fairbanks, AK

Stopped in here really late one evening (around 8pm) for a quick dinner before everything else shuttered. This place looks a little like a deserted/dilapidated warehouse, but it actually houses a little bowling alley (where lots of Fairbanks people come to play), a noraebang (not sure if public, but we could definitely hear people singing), and a korean grocery store. There seems to be a rather large korean population in Fairbanks and they have a little club that meets up in this building.

We were the last customers in the place, I think the proprietor almost wanted to turn us away so that they could shut the kitchen early but she took pity on us and let us in.

The banchan in this place are seriously awesome. They gave us 8 banchans and we were all fighting over the potato and the broccoli:

spicy pickled beansprouts

broccoli in some sort of sesame oil

spicy pickled radish

super awesome stewed potato

not so great pickled radish

spicy pickled cabbage

altogether now.

They are sort of refillable but you have to ask nicely. The banchan portions are already large I guess, but we were sharing them among 4 people.

The doenjang jigae was full of umami! It was also a little bit too salty but I really liked the tofu and potato inside the very hearty stew.

We also ordered the sesame chicken which was slightly more expensive than other entrees but which was also correspondingly the largest. It was really good! I’ve never actually had a dish like that before, not sure how korean it is? They seem to use a bunch of gochujang (hence the redness) and also sesame, and it’s all dry fried together with peppers and onions.

This was my first time trying jap chae and I really liked it! I’ve watched Lee Min Ho eat beef jap chae too many times in City Hunter without knowing what it tasted like. I’ve even tried recreating it myself at home but have not learnt how to prevent the noodles from clumping together. Will have to go through more trials before a recipe coalesces.


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