Brunch at the Cookie Jar, Fairbanks, AK

This place is really popular on Yelp and every other touristy site about Fairbanks seems to recommend it as a must-try watering hole in Fairbanks, so we accordingly gave it a go for Sunday brunch. I wasn’t too impressed, although the ambience here is really homey and the dishes are pretty inventive.

I had the beef pottage with a

Monte Cristo sandwich – french toast stuffed with turkey, ham, and swiss. The toast pieces were super thick and way too filling. I rather expected square whites for my french toast actually, that would have made the bread to meat to cheese proportion so much more palatable, even if square whites are viewed as “lower class” :P

Z got the cookie jar omelette – a 3 egg omelette filled with bacon, ham, peppers, cheddar, onions, and mushrooms. It was pretty amazing, but could probably have had a bit more melted cheese inside. It came with two slices for white toast with strawberry preserves.

Look what’s inside the omelette.

Many people around us were ordering the country fried steak, one of their bestsellers. So ggy decided to hop on the bandwagon and give it a go. It was a pretty hefty portion of steak, nicely breaded and fried till golden brown, then topped with a puddle of creamy gravy. We all tried it and thought it was really good! There was a little gristle toward the end though, but most steaks have that, you just have to be clever about identifying it beneath the breading. Their hashbrown potatoes (rosti style) are totally overdone, and even the home fries (fried potato cubes) are a little over-fried, but not as bad as the hash browns.

They also sell gigantic cinnamon rolls stuffed with ham, various benedicts, and have a nice cookie counter where you can select different fudges/cookies/chocolate pecan turtles/truffles etc. to satisfy a sweet tooth. All in all the Cookie Jar is a really quaint little cottage that is certainly charming, although I think the food could be improved. Perhaps we should have ordered from the “what made us famous” portion of the menu instead of winging it.


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