Dinner at Lavelle’s Bistro, Fairbanks, AK

This is supposedly one of the “poshest” restaurants in Fairbanks, which is where we brought ggy for his birthday dinner.

We started with a Brie en croute – the puff pastry was pretty good, as was the brie quality, but the brie itself was not melty at all! Whats’s up with that. I think they could have warmed it so that the inside was gooey like a lava cake; instead when cut open nothing really flowed out. It went nicely with the currants though.

LZ had the clams steamed in white wine and stuff, y’know, the typical way clams are steamed. It was one of the best dishes we tried, probably cause it’s really difficult to overcook clams when they have such a clear indicator of “done-ness” compared to other seafood.

I had the Alaskan grilled scallops with rice and steamed veggies – so apparently Alaskan scallops are slightly smaller than other kinds like Hokkaido scallops or diver scallops. Each alaskan scallop is about the size of 4 bay scallops I would say. The scallops were over done. The other two of our party had the halibut and salmon, both of which were overdone. It seems like even more of a pity to cook fish improperly in Alaska when you can get them so fresh. We never had a single well-done halibut steak on our trip.

For dessert we had banana wontons. This place has extremely… avant-garde plating. It looks like it was done by a child. Maybe a neo-preschool style? No idea what all those colorful squiggles are, could be icing or could be colored white chocolate. The banana wontons were a fabulous idea but the plating really detracts from the dish.

We also had a Kahlua fudge cake which was really quite nice and slightly less sensational looking :P

The best part of the meal was the corn and potato chowder. No pictures of that because it just looks like a bowl of mush. All the other mains were really lacklustre. We also added 10oz of king crab leg to one of our entrees for something like $24.95, and it turned out to be…. ONE crab leg. Perhaps I should have studied american weights and measures more. Talk about underwhelming! I had to buy 4.7 lbs of king crab from New Sagaya’s Midtown Market in Anchorage back to Seattle to satisfy my craving.

I kind of told the waitstaff repeatedly that we were celebrating a birthday but the message did not get relayed and so there was no birthday candle on any of the desserts. Like, I was the first to zip out of the car so that I could get to the front desk 5 minutes before the birthday boy and convey to them that We were celebrating a birthday!!! Shh!! Make it special!! They were so discreet about it that they did nothing. Points off for incompetent service.


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