Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria, Anchorage, AK

Here’s the last post on restaurants in Alaska.

We ate at Moose’s Tooth Pub and Pizzeria on our first night back to Anchorage from Fairbanks. It was one of the few places that opened late, and we fit right in to their target demographic, i.e. college students. Apparently the University of Alaska at Anchorage is really nearby, so lots of students eat here and work here.

Here’s one thing that can only happen when you are eating with a group of people who are not afraid of math and who love optimizing life in general: We were going to order two medium 14″ pizzas for the 4 of us; a small was 10″ and a large was 18″. While waiting to place our order I voiced my niggling doubt that we might actually get more area of pizza per dollar if we switched our order to a large and a small. Immediately smartphones were whipped out calculating the correct order that would get us the flavours we wanted (they do 1/2 and 1/2s) for the greatest area at the lowest cost. It’s actually pretty easy. You can just divide the cost of the pizzas by the square of their radius (or diameter, whatever you prefer) to get a price per unit area cost and compare that instead of actually figuring out the area of the pizza and inputting pi etc. And then I guess you could average between the price per unit area of a large pizza and a small pizza compared to two mediums.

In the end, we got
A small shrimp fiesta pizza

and a large half santa’s little helper, half solstice pizza.

The shrimp fiesta pizza was the clear winner in terms of flavour, but it was also the most expensive cause, y’know, seafood. It had lots of peppers and really juicy shrimp. I disliked the solstice pizza the most because it had a lot of mushrooms but very little salty meat. Santa’s little helper had pepperoni (not nearly enough), blackened chicken (couldn’t tell), and even bacon. Perfect.

Well the pizza flavours were certainly interesting. They had some even weirder sounding specials but after we’d spent all that time optimizing our order I didn’t want to rock the boat by introducing new variables.

Another interesting thing about this place was the pans they served their pizzas on. The pizzas are served on these very bumpy plastic circular pizza dishes that allow the bottom of the pizzas to cool off without getting soggy. Sorta like corrugated cardboard, but sturdier and allowing for much more airflow. In order to work well with these boards I wish they’d cut their pizza slices a little deeper so the customers can just pull their slices off instead of trying to saw through the remaining bits that didn’t get cut properly. As you can imagine a board with tight, grid-like bumps makes it extremely difficult for one to cut pizza without nicking the bumps (you can also see where all the previous customers nicked the bumps on the pan) .

For dessert we shared a Moose Pie, which one would think was a mousse pie but was actually a mud pie made using chocolate fudge and three layers of coffee ice cream with an oreo crumb base. All of us were perturbed by why the cake used coffee ice cream for ALL three layers instead of switching it up, especially considering the fact that they had to pour the layers separately in the first place in order to sandwich the fudge in. Weird. Not bad, but one got tired of the coffee ice cream after awhile.


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