Happy Hour at Shiku Sushi

This is the first restaurant I ate at after being cooped up at home for a good week and a half nursing my flu/not being able to taste anything.

Shiku sushi has happy hour during lunch time on saturday!

We had
1) The hamachi stuffed mushrooms – not bad, but really fishy

2) Bacon wrapped scallop skewers with green tea salt – very nice, but I thought the green tea salt was not very obviously matcha-ey

3) The best yakitori chicken we’ve had in seattle so far. Literally. Best charred flavour, extremely tender thigh meat. 5 stars. It’s the type that is doused liberally in yakitori sauce though, not the dry shio type.

4) Wilted spinach oshitashi with bonito and sesame. Not bad, but I prefer it with seaweed to spinach; the flavour of spinach is too strong and overpowered the sesame oil.

5) Some white fish nigiri, can’t remember the fish. We ordered this because the waitress conveyed our order to the sushi chef for him to pass the order on to the kitchen (you know how it is in japanese restaurants where the sushi bar is the first line of defence) and he boomed “NO SUSHI???” (not directed at me, but it’s a small space so I could hear everything he said) I don’t eat sushi, and LZ dropped me off at Shiku to order first while he hunted for parking. Once he arrived in the restaurant I immediately shoved the sushi/sashimi menu at him and told him to order something. My need for approval from random strangers is appalling even to myself. No idea how it tasted cause LZ ate it all. He said it wasn’t very special.

6) Chicken karaage. Not bad, a little too much of it, and not as nice as Yoroshiku’s zangi.

7) Salmon croquettes. Too much breading, if there was anything that would be first to be booted off future orders it would be this one.

All in all, a pretty good place I think that I would definitely visit again if I didn’t have so many other restaurants to try in Seattle.


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