Lunch at Duke’s Chowder House, Green Lake

Here for sunday brunch after deciding to NOT go to frank’s oyster house for once :P The Green Lake location is pretty near our apartment and we’d tried the one in Southcenter Mall and really liked it.

Let me just say right off the bat that the dungeness crab unwich is the best crab sandwich I’ve had – chock full of crab meat with very little breadcrumbs/celery/filler. It tastes EXACTLY like a crab sandwich and not like a potato-salad-with-token-crab-slivers sandwich. Amazing. Definitely worth it to get the full size, which we did, and split. The crab filling was even falling out.

We also shared the mussel appetizer – mussels in a creamy tomato garlic broth with toasted focaccia (?). The broth was delicious, we sopped up every last bit. I love places that mix tomato and cream instead of making it all tomato based and watery or all cream based. The mussels were also very fresh and did not taste off. (I have relatively low expectations of mussels after eating so many crap mussels at seafood establishments in Sg)

The sandwich set came with some lobster chowder which was REALLY weird. Like it had sweet potato or yam in it. It was like, a really salty orh nee with lobster chunks. Nope. Never ordering that again. Waay too sweet. I would stick to their clam chowder! Or just chowder from the Pike Place Chowder House.


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