Lunch at Fresh Flours

Fresh flours is a Japanese influenced bakery in Ballard that does the best croissants/danishes I’ve ever had.

They also carry sables and macarons flavoured with matcha or yuzu which are really delicate and melty.
Here are some of their macarons – perfect proportion of cream to shell, very sturdy but delicate at the same time. Their sables are even better, I highly recommend their chocolate sables with almond nibs.

They also do various filled croissants/danishes. This is their azuki bean puff, like a tao sar pao but 10x better because it’s wrapped with puff pastry. Tiong Bahru bakery should consider making this.

Their ham and cheese filled croissant was also really good. We came here for lunch one day and got this along with a quiche but I forgot to get a pic of the quiche. Their quiches are pretty legit – a light, eggy custard with bits of ham and swiss suspended in it. Very tender and perfectly done. The pastry base was also not tough but pretty buttery.

We shared a bowl of corn chowder with bacon that was pretty hearty and perfect for a rainy afternoon. I didn’t really want to post this cause it looks a little like puke :P

One of their most interesting items is their caramelized onion and swiss pastry – if they have this in the display, BUY IT. You won’t regret it!


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