Brunch at the Fat Hen

I really wanted to try their baked egg skillets after looking at all the mouthwatering pictures on Yelp, so we came by one sunday to check it out. It’s a really tiny space (seats maybe 20 or so) and there was a long queue even though we didn’t really come at a “peak” hour, maybe something like 1:30pm. They don’t have a good waiting area (obviously, if they don’t even have the seating area), and the wait was something like 1/2 an hour long – ridiculous! Thankfully we were parked nearby so we hung out in the car playing Trivia Crack while waiting.

I saw this hibiscus lemonade on the menu and thought it would be interesting to try. Turns out hibiscus lemonade is everywhere in Seattle but this was still pretty interesting. Hibiscus is abundant in Singapore but I don’t quite see people harvesting it or using it in their drinks. Not sure why.

here are their eggs boscaiola – baked eggs in a skillet with mushrooms, sausage, tomato sauce (NOT ketchup.. have to highlight this because in sg tomato sauce = ketchup). Very nice, but I think i can make a better shakshouka than that! The flavours were not very complex.

I had the pancetta benedict (I thought it was really european how they offered both pancetta and speck benedict. I’ve only ever seen “speck” on the menu in central european countries). Many of the customers sitting around us also spoke Italian. Maybe there are lots of italians living in the locale? Anyway the speck benedict was really good and had a solid, creamy hollandaise sauce.

Here’s another shot of the baked eggs boscaiola with a baguette.

All in all, I really don’t think this place is worth the queue. Frank’s Oyster House is 10x better with the same properly poached eggs and properly whipped hollandaise but with absolutely no queue at 1:30pm. There isn’t much else in the area, which could explain the queue I guess! But I certainly won’t be back in a hurry especially with the 30 minute wait for a seat. It’s a fitting habitat for hipsters though – the blackboard doodle was really well-designed and most of the people eating there looked really hipster.


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