Dinner at Bahama Breeze, Tukwila

I was scouting around for a place to eat at in Southcenter Mall (that was NOT chow king.. or restaurants of similar caliber) when I found this very beachy looking establishment just sitting in a corner of the mall in a standalone building. It needed to be open late because we were picking JLCLM at the airport around 10-ish and were intending lounge around the place antisocially surfing on our phones until her flight had touched down.

Cute monkeys on the chandelier in the restaurant.

We didn’t really feel like having two entrees, so we had two appetizers and a main.

We started with grilled prawns in a skillet soaking in a garlic thyme sauce with extremely soft cuban bread in a paper sleeve. The prawns were alright, the sauce was amazing and we sopped up all of it with hunks of bread. Fills you up though, and is big enough to be an entree imo.

We also tried the Jamaican jerk wings with mole – just super. The wings were super, I didn’t really like the mole, but the jerk marinade made it all the way through the wings – each bite was juicy and really flavorful. This is one of the few american chicken wings that I feel is maybe comparable to the sort of BBQ wings we get in Sg. Definitely not as good, with the same aroma from the BBQ grill and calamansi, but with great flavour and charring. The wings include the wing and the drumette, so are pretty large. They sell them in counts of 4 or 8. 4 was just right for the 2 of us.

One of their specials of the way was a lobster mac and cheese. This was the first time we had seen/tried deep fried lobster and we LOVED it. The lobster was perfect. The batter was perfect, the meat was moist and not overdone, which was surprising to me because y’know, it’s deep fried! Won’t that overcook the lobster meat? Apparently not. And the deep frying made the little lobster legs (not the big ones, the little ones that form a row down the middle) really crispy and full of umami, just like keropok. We loved it. The mac and cheese (it was griddled into patties) was highly uninspiring but the deep fried lobster was unbelievably good.

For dessert we had a Key lime pie (more like lime meringue pie) which had a delightful brown sugar crumb base and very nice meringue. I would have preferred a higher meringue-lime custard ratio and for the meringue to be more torched/not sweating but this is still one of the best key lime pies I’ve had. They had other options like warm chocolate cake (usually my go-to) and pineapple upside-down cake but when you’re in a caribbean restaurant, you just gotta order the key lime pie.

We’ll definitely be back! We also had a really warm server named Rafael who was so friendly and nice (and loud :P) about everything. Even the person who showed us our seat warned us that he would be loud, and he was, but in a nice way. They were all shocked that we hadn’t been to Bahama Breeze before :P


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