Dinner at Ponti (Groupon restaurant)

So there was a groupon for this place going at $30 for $50, and since I would probably have tried it anyway I bought the groupon and we came here one Tuesday night trying to cheer ourselves up in the midst of all the homework.

This is the restaurant entrance, which looks like a charming Italian villa/agriturismo.

So “ponti” means “bridges”. The restaurant is fittingly, by the river, and also by two bridges (the I-99 and another one whose name I can’t recall). This means that you get a really good view while dining here. We were right next to the windows overlooking the river and even got to see a raccoon in the shrubs outside the restaurant.

We started with the gulf shrimp with sriracha mayo and ponzu. Loved it! The shrimp were large and tender, and they went perfectly with the sriracha mayo, the fried crispy noodles, and the greens in the middle. I highly recommend this appetizer.

For mains we had the alderwood smoked black cod with garlic mashed potatoes and beans. It’s typically served with steamed jasmine rice I think but I thought it would go better with mashed potatoes. The black cod was pretty nice and cooked well, but it wasn’t as good as the typical gindara saikyoyaki or teriyaki in Japanese restaurants. We’ve eaten more than our fair share of black cod in the last year in many Japanese restaurants in Singapore, and I guess I prefer that way much more to alderwood smoked. The cod also needs to be fresher to be fried/grilled fresh I guess.

We really liked the thai curry penne with dungeness crab and scallops though – they were pretty generous with the crab meat and the scallops. The curry sauce was sweet and spicy and creamy – tasted just like thai curry but perhaps with a little less spice. This fusion dish worked.

We ended with a really nice chocolate moelleux with caramel bits and a clump of whipped cream. They were out of ice cream because of the Snoqualmie recall. Not sure how much I trust a restaurant who serves Snoqualmie ice cream (I think it’s not that great) but their warm chocolate cake was really quite good, especially with all those crunchy little toffee bits.

It’s a great, romantic place to bring guests from out of town! I find the menu slightly limited though, as in, I wouldn’t really know what new to order if I came back because I feel like we already ordered the best of their menu in this sitting.


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