Dinner at The Cajun Crawfish, MLR Drive, Seattle

While figuring out somewhere to take JLCLM to eat that had good seafood, I looked through several Yelp reviews to find out which place had the best crab boil. (Turns out it’s not the crab pot). I like the crab pot for its location more than anything else. Alaskan Way is beautiful at sunset and the backdrop of the great wheel and the coast and the mountains in the distance is amazing. The queue to get into the Crab Pot however, is not. And the floor is really grimy because people just throw their shells and other debris from eating crab boil ON THE FLOOR!

So that was nixed, and besides I wanted a crab boil place that had served the sauce they boiled the seafood in instead of discarding it (as I know is usual in low country boil but that seems to be so wasteful). We ordered 2lb of seafood (you can choose three out of a list of maybe 6-8 items, depending on what you want) and they’ll boil it together (or warm it in a plastic sack?) before bringing the sack to your table and letting everybody attack the food at once. It’s not pretty but we managed to finish everything with some meagre level of decorum, or so I’d like to think.

Here’s all the seafood piled out in their boom bang sauce, spice level ‘lil spicy. “Boom bang sauce” just means all their different sauces (House original, garlic butter, spicy cajun, etc.) mixed together and I think is their most popular flavour. They also sell “Boom Bang fried rice”. It doesn’t sound like it works, but it is freaking amazing. And so affordable too! We had clams, prawns, and crab.

Only shells left. No clean hands to grab a pic of the battered calamari, which we also got and which were awesome. Light crisp batter housing tender thinnish calamari – not those fat rings that look almost like onion rings, the thin sort that looks like tapering pipes..

My only gripe is that they say they serve the seafood combo with potatoes, corn, and andouille sausage (or was it chorizo) but there was precious little of those in the sack. I highly recommend ordering the cajun fries or a baguette to sop up the sauce though.

Here’s Jen. I was using the food lens (as we affectionally call our 35mm prime lens) which is experiencing some problems with its infinite zoom ever since we brought it back from Alaska, so it’s having trouble focusing on her face (thus living up to its name as the food lens). As you can see the pile of seafood in front of her is perfectly in focus :P She’s the chimes advisor at CU and we had a lot of fun hanging out here in Seattle even though she was here on more sombre business. She likes to shop at the same places I do and we had a lot of fun checking out all the quirky stores in the UVillage and Ballard. She’s also a ridiculously expressive chimesmaster and is indisputably the best at playing Lecuona’s Malaguena. She knows the best games, such as Set, which Z and I have started playing online, as well as Sushigo, and once I got a box of triominoes from her for the chimes Secret Santa. (I think it was some variant of Secret Santa, because people were allowed to trade their presents if someone opened something else they liked better). While I love triominoes it’s hard to find people who are willing to play that with me! During the winter break right after I got that for Christmas, Hr came over to my apartment at Westbourne to hang out (Z was in London travelling with his cousins or something) and we spent a good 3 hours trying to hack the combinatorial probabilities in Triominoes so we understood exactly which tiles were harder to get rid off and which tiles were dead ends and how to decide if the game was at an impasse, like in Bridge. I’ve already forgotten everything we’ve discussed, shoulda written a treatise about it at that time. Anyway, our time together with JLCLM was too short (barely a full day), we didn’t even get to talk about her family and how freaking tall Fiona has gotten. When I was at CU she only came up to a little above my elbows maybe and now she’s taller than her mom! Crazy.


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